Saturday, August 23, 2014


       I don’t take baths too often (maybe once every 2 weeks?) but when it happens, it’s a pretty glorious treat. It’s a huge deal, as I've always preferred showers, but there’s something seriously awesome about sitting in a super hot bathtub with your hair in a messy bun, a face mask on, your cell phone a room away and painting your toenails. Maybe a glass of wine on the floor next to the tub, too. I do it up right ;) So when i have a chance to try out Bath bombs i jump right on it because its my time to relax and I am sucker for berry scents, vanilla, melon and fruity smells and lavender for serenity, so when i can have a amazing foam of smelly good in my bath while I lay back and relax I am all over it. There’s something so comforting about these Cupcake Owl bath bombs bursting with  the warm and inviting smell of rich vanilla bean with a hint of coconut oil for moisturizing benefits..or reduce stress and moisturize all in one step! Combine the amazing smell of lavender with the health benefits of oils and you have one amazing bath. Wine not included, but recommended! 
Coconut lavender

The bath bombs I have tried are usually the cheap ones and they never smell this good or give off a foam that fills the air. Coconut lavender is amazing because I love berry scents but this smell is amazing relaxing, Fresh and reminds me of bEing in a field of lavenders eating coconut. I noticed my skin had a different touch of softness to it when I got out feeling very moisturized. I always put coconut oil in my bath so having the coconut and lavendar together all wrapped in one makes it so much more worth buying these to make my baths more relaxing and this bath bomb was nice to not feel greasy. Even though berries are my favorite and purple colors. The size and color is perfect because I'm always breaking the big ones in half. I will forever be a customer. Great customer service and fast delivery.

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I will post a video of a demo of these bath bombs soon so come back and check....

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