Friday, September 5, 2014


Welcome to Twice! - Twice
I found this one of a kind gem at Twice! Shop gently used clothes, and get your favorite brands at irresistible prices. With prices at up to 90% off retail, what's not to love?


1. Sign up with referral link for $10 like the link I  

have posted here.
2. Download Apple app for another $10.
3. Download Android app for 50% coupon. This will give you $40 to spend. For additional - use your own referral link and sign up 
with another e-mail. This will give you another $10 

on the new account. Spend that $10, and you will 

get another $10 to spend on your original e-mail.
This brings the total you can spend on that first e-

mail to $60. You could get even more if you did this a

few times. BUT you have to use different addresses, 

and if you pay anything out of pocket you'd need to 

use different payment methods too. Some ladies 

were complaining earlier they were losing discounts

because of using the same info.

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