Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Never break a GLASS again

  These glasses are AMAZING because they are not glass. They are unbreakable and tip over proof. I love them for the shape and style with out a doubt. NEVER BREAK A GLASS AGAIN! With odrthese ma-free glasses you can entertain in style, without the worries. These glasses are known for their brilliant clarity—such clarity that makes them easily mistaken as crystal. Unlike crystal, however, these glasses won’t crack or break, which makes them ideal for entertaining anywhere, anytime.  These shatterproof 16oz glasses allow you to enjoy your wine (or any drink) indoors or outdoors (think pool, patio, boat, campground, RV, etc)!

  They have also paid special attention to the rim—because there is nothing worse than a plastic cup rim that’s rough and nips at your lips. Who needs that? They have managed to make extra-smooth rims while keeping our glasses ultra-thin—quite a feat!

Lastly, these glasses are actually dishwasher safe!!  Avoid being stuck at the sink after a dinner party washing by hand—just throw the glasses in the dishwasher on a non-heated setting, and head to bed! 

So what are you waiting for and get your now before the new years gets here so you can test them out. 

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