Monday, January 19, 2015

Shine Whitening - Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening kit

Everyone loves a great white smile and this is the product that does just that. I have been having a lot of work on my teeth and next month I will update this review with more pictures of the results. I love the teeth trays they provide to put the gel in because the taste of the gel is not very tasty at all. I put the gel in a line on the inside of the top and bottom tray then I put them in my mouth over my teeth and go on about my morning or evening. Usually I am cleaning or cooking and I forget I even feel them in my mouth. After just one use I saw and felt a difference with my teeth. They feel clean and look clean. I highly recommend this kit to anyone who likes to see fast results and does not have the time to go to the dentist or even have insurance to have this done.

 Uses botanical ingredients made in the USA LED light helps speed-up the whitening process, same light used at professional whitening centers
Easy-to-use trays form to your mouth, making the whitening experience even across the surface of your teeth.