Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rash Guard

Ever since my husband started working out everyday I started going with him. one problem is I dont sweat and its not like I don't work hard enough. Rash guards come in various styles, thicknesses, and fabrics depending on their purpose. Rash guards are used for a number of ocean sports, but the most popular is surfing and also in the gym. Since I love in chicago theres no surfing my husband has been wearing it to the gym and works great. It keeps him warm while running in the cold and so when he steps outside from working out in the gym it keeps him from getting sick. Overall the material is great and the style is nice. There are different rash guards with cuts specifically for men, women, and children. Children's rash guard sets are commonly used for sun protection, and are called "sun suits." Men's and women's rash guards are often used for water aerobics and ocean sports. So whether your need is warmth, sun protection, rash protection, or sport specific, you shouldn't have a problem finding a rash guard that is perfect for your needs. 

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