Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dead Sea Mudd Mask

When it comes to my face, its very sensitive to a lot of products that burn when applied. Because my husband is from areas that is surrounded by the Dead Sea I know the results of using such a mask. I have large pores and black heads on my nose and this bothers me to the fullest. I feel like if I know it is there then EVERYONE else does to. I am obsessed with Dead Sea Masks and this one has won is spot in my weekly routine of my skin regime. It does not leave your face feeling dry and cracky when you have it on and it feels dry. This mask feels warm and smooth. I love that! Now lets get to the results. Soft, flawless, smooth, perfection. I have now used the mud mask twice a week, I am very impressed with the fact that I have had no acne breakouts or skin irritation of redness. My skin does feel smoother after using the Dead Sea Mud Mask. I especially enjoy the scent; which is not to strong but a relax scent like your laying on the beach taking in all the scents.Most of all my skin feels and looks amazing since using this Mask and I will continue using this brand.

**I received this product in exchange for an honest review; receiving this product at a discount in no way alters my opinions on this product, which I have tested to the best of my ability. The review above contains my genuine thoughts, opinions and concerns regarding this product

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  1. I just got a dead sea mask too. I think it is a different company though .
    My last dead sea mask grew mold around the edges.