Wednesday, April 1, 2015


When it comes to Adovia I want it all. These products are amazing! I was so excited to find a Dead Sea salt mask because the ingredients in this mask are pure heaven when used on your face and gives you a glow after just one use. You doNt need any other mask but this one. My skin is so soft and I've had no breakouts. Nothing but soft blackhead free skin.

When it comes to masks this mask does so much my for my skin. I really find it hard to keep these kind of masks on my face because when its drying it give me that dry feeling and I want to wash it off right away. But not this mask. I can feel it working and even though it dries its not that dry that makes my face feel so dry. I love Adovia products and you will to. follow the AMAZON LINKand find the adovia product thats just what you need.

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  1. Oh I tried this mask too! It was great. Didn't smell funny or dry out my skin.